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European Screening and other updates

We will be having a virtual European screening on September 21st

Please visit the Fanforce link here

Also for those who don't get all their info via facebook here's some updates.

Coming up we are in Festivals in Utah, Canada, Ft Lauderdale, Orlando, Newburyport, Alberqueque, Global Peace Film Festival, Social Justice Film Festival, the Mosaic World Film Festival and in Croatia

The Japanese conference is screening the film in September and has a Q&A Bill and I did with Iraxte from Gernika.

We won Platinum at the World Peace Awards and first in Feature Documentary category at the Indie Gathering awards.

The screening in Toowoomba is a sell out.

There is talk of a Nathalia screening on New Year's Eve. Just letting you know. They do have a huge fireworks display.

Please share the information about the European screening on the 21st September to all your contacts/friends/relatives etc in the northern hemisphere.

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