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Upcoming Screenings

The uncertainty over COVID has complicated our screening schedules, so we thought it might be an idea to provide some indication of the places we have secured, where you can see the film over the coming months.

Some dates are yet to be confirmed, as local regulations differ. Please check our screening page regularly for details about booking and confirmation of dates.

  • Richmond VC USA TBC 2020​

  • Toowoomba City Library, Queensland. 1/9/2020​

  • BCC Cinema, Mount Pleasant, QLD. 17/9/2020​

  • Premiere United Nations, Geneva Switzerland TBC. 2020​

  • Nepal International Human Rights Festival TBC 2020​

  • International Peace Museum, Kyoto, Japan TBC 2020​

  • APOX Film Festival. Croatia. 2020​

  • Amsterdam, Netherlands. Date TBC​

  • Kyoto Japan, International Peace Museum Conference. 16-20 September

  • Europe, International day of Peace. 21st September.

  • Burrinja Cultural Centre TBC

  • Kingston for Human Rights, Shirley Burke Theatre​ ​29th October 7pm,

  • Cinema Nova, Melbourne Documentary Festival​, 14-21 December.

  • Niagara Falls Film Festival 9-12 September TBC​

  • San Antonio Film Festival 4-9 August​

  • Mosaic World Film Festival 2020 18-20 September​

  • DOCUTAH film festival, November 2-4, 2020​

  • Ft Lauderdale, Florida Film Festival​

  • Orlando International Film Festival, September​

  • New Hope Film Festival​

  • Social World Festival, USA

  • ​Indie Gathering Festival

  • Revelation Perth International Film Festival Dec 2-13, 2020​

  • The 2020 Global Peace Film Festival 21st September- 4th August​

  • Roving Eye International Film Festival, 3,4,& 8 November 2020 TBC​

  • Lunenburg Documentary Film Festival, Canada, Sept 24-30​

  • Newburyport Documentary Film Festival, MA, 16-18 September​

  • Albuquerque Film Festival, Sept 22-27

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